Intuitive Guided Messages:

These are timeless messages I receive intuitively. They can happen at any time, so I'm always carrying around a little notebook with me! If you're in need of some guidance, scroll through the messages and choose the ones which resonate with you.



White Plants

July 3, 2020

A portal door is opening. It brings us great joy to pour out miracles. Wonders never cease. Only people's perception and awareness of them. Open up yourself to receive the wondrous. Blessings are being poured out. Unfold to receive.

July 3, 2020

The reason why we encourage play is because it raises your vibration. Play must be without judgement, otherwise it becomes toxic energy. Play will almost certainly involve excess. This is where the demonization of play comes in. But if you listen to your body & intuition, you will know your limits. Give yourself both grace and permission. Stop imposing boundaries on your inner child! There is a time and season for everything. Play will release negative energy, bringing back a healthy balance. In play we are free to express ourselves. To be free from inhibition.