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Aligning Ourselves to Receive the Blessings of Fortuna

As I pick up the shattered pieces of my divine feminine self, I've been drawn to study Goddesses. This was a private practice until recently. June was fast approaching and I found myself contemplating content for Patreon that month. I like to keep things fresh and timely which, very often, means not being able to get ahead.

One day the word Fortune came up, so I had a look online. Immediately Fortuna came up and my heart leapt! This was for sure the topic for June! Little did I realize just how powerful her presence would be.

Who is Fortuna?

It is worth remembering, before you read on, that knowledge of myth and archetype can be very practical indeed. Make a note of what resonates with you in this post and ask yourself, how can I apply this to my own life?

There is much online about Fortuna. First born of Jupiter, she is the Roman Goddess of fortune. Her Greek counterpart being Tyche. She is often depicted with an overflowing cornucopia (horn of plenty), a rudder and the wheel of fortune.

  • The rudder because she, as helmswoman, can change the course of ones life.

  • A cornucopia from which she spreads abundance wherever she goes.

  • The wheel of fortune, the cycle of life which always spins.

Now some artists also depict Fortuna as having a blindfold and wings. They say the blindfold represents her impartiality when it comes to giving out luck and abundance. There is also a myth the Romans started saying when she came to Rome, Fortuna took off her shoes and removed her wings, declaring Rome to be her true home. Now to me this smacks of Roman propaganda. I can't help but think of men who oppress wives by way of taking away their freedom and treating them like an object they own. *Shudders.

Fortuna Today

As I studied Fortuna, I was passionate on getting to her truth. Just as I have been getting to my own. Stretching out my hand to grasp hold with hers, her wings restored and shoes back on, we embrace in mutual acknowledgement of our Divine feminine. I have come full circle.

No one is beyond being blessed. But we must position and align ourselves on her wheel. To try and control it ourselves we resist and block our blessings. To sit on the outside we may experience abundance for a brief moment, only to find ourselves flung off.

However, if we become centred, positioning ourselves at the wheels centre, we remain stationary as it spins. We are then in the perfect alignment to receive.

How Do We Align Ourselves?

If you're familiar with the law of attraction, laws of the Universe and manifesting abundance, you will know that it is more about the journey than it is about the end goal. We must align with our truth and live it. So the question is what is your truth? What are you passionate about? As Helmswoman, Fortuna guides the way with her rudder. You, as captain of your ship set the course. So what course do you want to set? What are your intentions? Do you have a vision?

Today is Fortuna's day, June 11th. Yet she, like the Queen of England who has two birthday's, has two celebratory days. June 24th is the festival of Fors. But today I acknowledge Fortuna's day. I set my intentions and continue to align with my truth knowing I am joined by this beautiful yet still very mysterious, Divine feminine.

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