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Entering a Year of Magic, Miracles and Manifesting

It's very hard to find the words to start this post. A profound change has come upon many of us this year. Our perceptions, beliefs and circumstances are very different now to what they were at the start of 2020. How we have handled this change determines how we enter 2021.

For me, I have had the biggest, more profound life change to date...

My husband and I ended our 21 year marriage due to the fact he did not agree with the path I was taking. His upbringing was a very strong evangelical Christian one. Both his parents and sister being pastors of a small independent church. For the longest time I felt I couldn't be my true self and when I tried, even just a bit, it put more strain on our relationship.

By September, I was forced to leave the family home. I had to say goodbye to everything I knew and to my familiar surroundings.

This triggered huge change and healing. I cried for the first month. In this time I also had a revelation of what I felt called to do. In part it was something I was already doing, but this time I would be taking it to the next level.

Two months I studied, meditated, journaled, ran, and walked. I tried getting in touch with old friends but they had long gone. (That is a topic for a whole other post!) By the end of two months I had a new opportunity presented to me and I moved back North. I knew I was returning to the place my heart calls home and that the move south was a huge lesson in and of itself. It was an ending. It was another goodbye. I was being prepared for radical change. In the words of Dr Joe Dispenza, I was breaking the habit of being myself, of being someone I was not. I had years of crap to deal with, to undo, and heal from in order to really live true to myself and live my truth.

Following my move North, the healing continued but so did the learning. I immersed myself in meditations, books, coursework, spiritual teachings, visualizations, and manifestation work. I began to really love myself and grow in self-confidence. I could even start looking in the mirror and at the reflection of myself. Something I struggled with for years. Dreams became more vivid. Truths I knew began really making more sense on a deeper level. I have been in hermit mode soaking in everything from quantum physics, how it ties in with the law of attraction to basic meditation techniques to improve my meditations.


Feeling not quite ready to launch my business, yet eager to leave the solitude of full on hermit mode, I contemplated how to move forward. Anytime I tried to force something my body and intuition were saying rest. This seemed counterproductive as I needed work. But I knew I had to listen to my intuition and body. I had been sharpening my senses over the past few months so couldn't dismiss what they had to say!

One morning I woke up to what felt like a green light to proceed and with it a mandate for the new year. This past year I had the phrase Year of Wonders. Little did I know how exactly these wonders would be brought in. For 2021 the phrase 'Year of Magic' came to me. But as I went to type this post I felt led to add 'Miracles and Manifesting'. You see I cannot even begin to convey the depth of what I have been going through these past few months but it will all begin to be revealed in the new year. I have received words of knowledge which have come from times sat in meditation and I have been desperate to share them! But they were meant to be kept to myself for a while to ponder on. I have been gently guided to rest in solitude. But I knew the time would come when I could leave this "cave".

That time is now.

And so I can share that next year will result in the first fruits of hard won battles fought this year and seeds we have planted when we could have so easily given up. It will continue to be a year of learning and growing, as it always is with life, but you won't be alone and the stories of magic, miracles and manifesting will push you onwards in your own journey.

I now have a new YouTube channel where all completely new content will be uploaded next year. My old one deactivated to both start a fresh and prevent those from my old life stalking me and causing trouble.

You will begin to see a lot of new things including:

  • Blog content

  • Podcasts

  • Book reviews

  • Interviews

  • YouTube content

  • And more!

All my social media platforms are beginning to be updated to reflect my new life, including this one. Please be sure to check out the following Facebook group, Make Your Own Magic

as well as my other social media links for news, discussions on how to really make law of attraction work for you (It's not what you think it is!) and announcements of the podcasts and channel launch!

This will be a memorable journey! There will be a lot to glean if you wish to on me and others on it. If you're not already in the Facebook group, I'll see you there!!!

𝒢𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓁𝒹𝒾𝓃𝑒 𝒥𝒶𝓎𝓃𝑒

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