As a child I was a big believer in a very magical world. Filled with wonder I lived an enchanted life.

Then life happened.

Well, that's not exactly true. I allowed others to live my life for me by way of people pleasing. I also allowed fear to have a say. 

One day, I said 'enough'. I was living in a place I both hated and feared for my life, I had become co-dependant, and all magic and wonder had gone.

After saying enough I committed to discovering my truth and manifesting my dreams. 

Reading and studying everything I could on the subject and putting into practice what worked and learning from what didn't work,  I eventually manifested a new life! A house with characteristics similar to the one I had on my vision board. The most amazing friends. Joined a running club, winning medals for various races. Climbing mountains with friends. Getting my very own art cabin. 

Most of all, I found my truth, my artist self, my voice, a sense of wonder and the




But I soon learned the dangers of resting on your laurels. It was time to dream BIGGER!

In April 2020 I started a series called the Essence of Manifesting Your Dreams. In it I teach that Living in Creation, aka law of attraction, isn't about thinking positive and waiting for your dreams to come to pass. It's about YOU and your power! It's a lifestyle. It's about inner growth, preparing you for your dreams for when they do come. 

I decided to lead by example. By day 11, my family and I were on national TV, including This Morning with Phil and Holly, doors opened for both my husband and I, and the synchronicities sky rocketed! 

Then this website came to fruition after a vision I had.

Here you will find links to my teachings, workshops. I will be posting regular blog posts sharing what I call:

  • Creative Living

  • Creative Journaling

  • Creative Planning

I also have a shop where I sell my art which is all painted intuitively. Each piece having a deeper meaning than being just a work of art.  

My goal is to live life fully, creatively and magically. To always live my truth with an attitude of playfulness, curiosity and wonder while also teaching others how they can do the same. To show how these qualities, coupled with standing in your power and truth, can make your dreams come true!