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About Wild Unfolding

Welcome. My name is Geraldine Jayne, and I am the creator of Wild Unfolding. I live on my narrowboat home in the wild and liminal places of England. Truly, I am wild, by name and nature. My ancestral name being Wild. I am a word witch, weaver of creative magick*, and guide to your authentic Wild Unfolding.

Wild Unfolding is a unique practice rooted very deeply in ancient ways, the remnants of which can be faintly heard in myths and stories of old. We catch whispers of it in our dreams, poetry, and our souls’ desires. It is the calling of the wild to come back home to our authentic, wildly powerful, and creative selves. We have a destiny that awaits us, but it is up to us to respond. Yet so many, although they hear the call, just don’t know how to even begin to respond.

This is where Wild Unfolding comes in.

Born out of my own journey, I have created a map, incorporating guiding myths, to show you the way to your freedom and discovery of your most wild self. A self you didn’t even dream was possible.  There are many self-help programs out there, not to mention groups to support the very specific spiritual beliefs you wish to explore, but rarely do they explore the landscape you find yourself in now, introduce you to the terrain you need to move through, and on to where you are heading. Nor is there much of a map. And where there is a map, you may not find they cater to your unique wild self.

Wild Unfolding is specifically for women and our deep connection to Nature. The suppression and warping of women’s gifts and powers have gone hand in hand with our culture’s disconnection and negative treatment of Nature. It is also responsible for many of society’s woes today. As we heal ourselves, we develop a profound and sacred relationship with Nature, Mother Earth. This in turn heals both Nature and the culture around us. Wild Unfolding explores and exposes why we fear what we have been taught to fear, and how that is where our very power lies. Needless to say, this is a scary prospect. And so the bud within us has been kept tightly closed for fear of unfolding into our beauty and destiny. But I’m here to teach you how and why you must take the risk to Unfold.

Wild Unfolding:

  • Starts on the ground we all meet at… our culture, The Garden: This is a huge part of the map and guiding myth. I will introduce you to the illusion of the garden, the gardeners and how we have been tamed and trained here. Plants bred for a garden will not survive in the wild. Compare the garden rose variety to the wild dog rose. Only the dog rose can thrive in the wild. We too, have been bred for the benefit of the garden and its gardeners, for their vision, not our own, so we must go through a process to enable us to live in our true home, the Wild.

  • Respair: This process starts in the dark, what in mythology is known as the underworld. It is a place of death and rebirth. It is also a place we have been taught to fear tremendously in order to keep us from leaving. Much of our work starts here. In fact, many find themselves on this journey due to being plunged into the darkness, through despair, hopelessness, challenges, and a series of difficulties. This is the start of our wild selves trying to unfold. Respair means fresh hope and recovery from despair, and this is exactly what we will be doing. It will equip you with future ventures to this place in order to recover more treasures and leave behind the things that we no longer need.

  • The Wasteland: As we leave the garden, we learn about the wasteland it is set in and how it was once a thriving land. We learn about the well maidens and what happened to them is what happened to women and Nature simultaneously. Here we discover much magick. Here we reclaim our grail, which is our calling. We also discover the voice of the wells, the very voice of Mother Earth herself and how we can personally hear Her.

  • Reclaim: As we move forwards, we really begin our reclaiming work. This includes:

    • Feminine aspects and archetypes

    • Mythopoetic identity – “…something much deeper than personality or social-vocational role, an identity revealed and expressed through symbol and metaphor, image and dream, archetype and myth.” - Bill Plotkin

    • Guiding and soul truths

    • Personal mythology

    • Personal language

    • Unique creative magick

    • Healing and restoring power of questions. A potent magick indeed!

    • Communion with Nature

  • Reframe: As we reclaim, we also start to reframe. In fact, we can’t help but begin to reframe our world view. With these new perspectives our world transforms.

  • Rename: Such is the transformation at this point, as we move into our authenticity, we start to stand in our authority. “In the name of…” we back up everything we do in the power of who we are. Even more radically, we may wish to change our name. (As I was crafting Wild Unfolding, I discovered my not-too-distant ancestors were called Wild!) We start to craft our own vocabulary, moving from the confines of the laws of grammar and moving into gramerye!

  • Reveal: Here we have fully moved into the wild! Our wild is in full bloom and will continue to blossom for the rest of our lives. As we publicly live our authentic wild lives, we cannot help but effect the culture around us. We heal the wasteland and the walls of the garden begin to fall into disrepair. Here is the promise I revealed one day which conceived Wild Unfolding: “And the desert shall blossom as the rose.”


The Five Re's of Respair, Reclaim, Reframe, Rename, and Reveal, form part of what I call the 'Five Petal Process'. Each petal on a wild rose has five heart shaped petals. Thus the wild rose is the symbol of Wild Unfolding. 

My Work

  • This year I will be publishing my first book, Wild Unfolding. This will be an in depth guide to your Wild Unfolding. 

  • Journal (blog) posts. Here you will find my journal filled with pages smudged with loam after digging deep for wisdom,  spilled paint as I craft oracles and ink spells, myths, and more.

  • Courses to complement your unfolding, such as 'Art as Oracle', and 'Ink Spells'. 

  • In person workshops. Stay in touch for upcoming dates

  • One to one work. Coming soon.

*I spell magick with a K not only to distinguish it from stage magic, but because I want to liberate language and craft new words which the English language just doesn't have to describe the areas that have long been supressed. It brings me great delight when someone challenges my spelling of magick because then I know it is working!

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