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Serendipity circles is a name given, and which subsequently stuck, to a way of painting circles. It was all very serendipitous how it came about.

I was taking part in the 100 day project and decided to use it to explore layering watercolours with other media. I also wanted a creative way to document affirmations, intentions and quotes. And so serendipity circles were born.

The circle is "one of the oldest and most powerful symbols. The world is a circle;the sun and moon are too. Even time itself has a circular nature; the day and the year build to a circle. At its most intimate level so is the life of each individual."

I have since found this to be an extremely mindful exercise and a very powerful tool in my arsenal of manifesting my dreams. Next, I will be taking these to a larger canvas!

serendipity circle 1.jpg
Serendipity Circles: Gallery
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