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InkSpells - An Introduction to Mark Making Magick

On my own Wild Unfolding journey, my art took on a whole other dimension. Art is an expressive way of working with energy. Every line, mark, and shape expresses and provokes in motion. Our work is infused with this creative energy.

Living on the boat, my life slowed down and with that, within my creative work, I saw more deeply, insightfully, expansively, magickally, and poetically. Meaning arose in the process, not in the end result. My work was allowed to mature, to live cyclically (as in the Wild Unfolding process), and have it's seasons. Magick was brewing.

From Inkspills to Inkspells

The idea of Inkspells came about when one of my Soul Truths (more info coming soon about that), 'I live with insight', came from an untruth born from what society and systems label 'mistakes'. I turned this label around and created a truth that there are no mistakes, only insights. This then turned into a new perspective on how I viewed many things, including my creativity. It became a scared act.

That's when Magick began to happen.

Inkspills denote an accident, a mistake. Inkspells, on the other hand, are about discovering the magick infused in that spill. All the work we label 'ugly', in other words, a mistake, take on a new meaning. Threads that, if we pick them up and follow, can be woven together to create something beautiful. This includes the following:

  • Personal language and vocabulary

  • Healing act of being seen, by yourself and others (Part of the healing in Wild Unfolding)

  • Gateway to insights and truth

  • SoulSpeak - conversation with your soul. More info coming soon

  • Art as muse

Here on my website, I will be holding up these luminous threads and exploring each one in detail, creating a grimoire of Inkspells if you will! Mark making and ink spilling will become ritual, muse, and healing medicine.

I am also working on course content and there may be a new YouTube channel coming soon. Watch this space!

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