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Magick* of Mark Making - JournalFest

On the first day of July 2023, in Manchester, UK, a unique event took place. In fact, there were three events in one; StationeryFest, JournalFest, and PlannerFest. At this event, I had the privilege of sharing my process of mark making, including some of the new material I'm working on.

After being trusted with people's journals, starting a conversation of marks on the page, they then had the opportunity to take that mark and carry on the conversation by getting their friends, the people on their table, or anyone else to add their marks with a word or two. There were no rules. I encouraged everyone to take the idea and run with it how they saw fit.

This would not only create a unique memento of their day, but also give everyone a taste of the many possibilities and creative opportunities that such a seemingly simple act can provide. A few people from the event have been kind enough to allow me to share here where the conversation went, and also where they could potentially go.


Omg, when Rosie showed me what someone wrote, I was thrilled, "Mysterious and mystic" and "Dynamic, bold, creative". Then there were personal words of encouragement, "Creative...inspirational." Rosie now has a very nice Word Palette to either use as a journaling prompt, poetry, or both. It has so much potential! Check out Rosie's Instagram


Here you can see Sarah added more marks to her page, adding to the conversation and it looks stunning! But interestingly she noted the fact it reflected how she has a lot going on in her life right now. When I saw it, I was reminded of a letter someone had shared online which seemed to be written in some secret language. The word script came to mind.

Editing Technique

Sarah's page has the potential to practice the editing technique. A process where you paint over the artwork, keeping only the areas of interest, and then reflecting on the emotions they evoke, especially in relation to busyness. Asking, what does this have to say about my busy lifestyle right now? What wisdom, insights do they hold?

The words 'Metamorphosed' and 'change' didn't go unnoticed. Also 'Passionately' and 'Love', what insights do these bring to the conversation? You can find Sarah over on Instagram here:


Jill incorporated her marks into the juicy pages of her Hobonichi. She included it in the whole piece of documenting her day, blending it into a whole. Her pages flow like a visual story. You can find Jill and and a video of her journaling process over on Instagram here:

*Magick - I use this spelling of magick rather than magic for a few reasons. One being is to differentiate between stage magic and magick, which I define as the creative process between the individual and the the unseen. The living, breathing aliveness of infinite possibilities. This is why I call myself a Weaver of Creative Magick.

"The invisible hungers to become visible, to express itself in our actions." - John O'Donohue
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